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I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you for introducing me to your detox and weight loss program.  I not only lost 30 pounds in the 40 day program, but feel wonderful!  It has been a struggle in the past with the unwanted fat that is so very hard to get rid of once you start to accumulate it in areas that it just does NOT belong.  I believe in the DesBio detox and the HCG2 drops along with your guidance and the acupuncture, together I have obtained and maintained me desired weight. I would highly recommend the program and your services to everyone I know.   Thank you, thank you thank you!

– Edie Couch

I had difficulty losing weight, after diligently trying for months I felt something was blocked. Shaun created a program specific to me. I lost 20 pounds and my weight and metabolism were “reset”. Shaun used acupuncture, hormone analysis, guided nutritional plan, vitamins and supplements to heal me. Shaun helped me beyond a short term weight loss, she helped me figure out life time changes. Her holistic expertise, knowledge and service oriented spirit is wonderful. Her goal is healing. Through her personal approach, Shaun served as a comprehensive coach with my weight loss. She helped me to figure out and take responsibility for my weight loss, but also was available whenever I need guidance through texting and calls. Shaun also worked with me through severe allergies.

– Susan, Billings, MT

I want to thank Shaun Dumas, D.O.M. for the time she spent in Montana.  While she was here my daughter, Karie, aged 34, had a severe stoke. She could not talk, only stutter, and she could barely drag herself around with her walker. It was about four days after her hospital release the I took her in for her first treatment with Dr. Dumas. After her first treatment I noticed two words flowed together while the rest came out painfully stuttered. Four days after her first treatment she was forming sentences with only a few stuttered words. I took her back several times for acupuncture treatments, soon she was walking with her walker and after 6 months she had also been able to get rid of her cane. Eight months after her treatments, I took her back one more time as her tongue moved oddly in her mouth as she tried to form simple words. That went away almost instantly.  I would urge anyone with a loved one that has had a stroke to go directly from the hospital to see Shaun Dumas. Do not wait.

– Laura Morledge

Being new to acupuncture I was unsure of what to expect of both the procedure and the results. I was pleasantly surprised that from beginning to end Shaun made it a great experience. She was patient with my questions and accurate in her assessment. She was able to understand my needs well and met them with empathy and compassion. The actual procedure she made comfortable; for the most part I was unable to feel where the needles were placed and was able to enjoy the quiet time. I felt energized and balanced for several days following treatment with notable improvement in my hormones. I am very much looking forward to working with Shaun consistently and have absolute trust in her abilities.

– Ivy Phillips

If I were to sum up my experience in one word it would be … EXCEPTIONAL! After suffering severe migraines for 17 days, visiting doctors, massage therapists and emergency rooms, tolerating multiple shots of morphine and various medications, experienced soaring blood pressure as a result of excruciating pain and 2 weeks of sleepless nights, a dear friend made a call on my behalf. On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, Shaun Dumas interrupted her weekend and opened her door to a brand new patient. I would have been impressed if she had simply squeezed me into her schedule on Monday. After two acupuncture treatments, I had complete RELIEF. Medications masked the pain, Acupuncture delivered true peace. When practitioners combine knowledge with compassion they deliver unparalleled service. Shaun is in a league of her own and will now play an integral role in my well being.

– Beth Lancaster

I began acupuncture treatments with Shaun Dumas approximately 2 years ago. I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in 2006. I had tried many medications, with only minimal improvement. Then Shaun and her business partner, Diane Stewart, a chiropractor, spoke to our support group. That was when I decided to give this a try. I was getting desperate since I was on very expensive medication and 24/7 oxygen therapy. After just a few months of treatment I was able to do the 6 minute walk needed for my pulmonologist. Up until this time I was unable to walk the full 6 minutes with oxygen. However, I finally was able to do the 6 minute walk without oxygen. I now not only do the 6 minute walk without oxygen, but I walk further each time. We even park in the parking garage across the street and I walk from the car to the office … without oxygen. I only use oxygen at night at this time. I also had sleep apnea and required us of a CPAP machine. I no longer have sleep apnea or use the CPAP machine. My friends all tell me I am a miracle walking and they cannot believe how much better I am from just 2 years ago. I have also returned to doing some cooking and household chores along with working out at the gym. I forgot to mention I also had a stroke 2 years ago and was admitted into the hospital at the time, so my acupuncture treatments were started immediately after discharge from the hospital.

– Shirley Halstead

I went into the hospital for colon surgery. Prior to entering the hospital I received acupuncture treatments from Shaun Dumas to prepare my body for surgery. I was informed by my nurse that the normal hospital stay for this type of surgery was 7 to 10 days and I was discharged after only 4 days. My only explanation for this is the pre-surgery acupuncture treatment I received. Post surgery I received treatments from Shaun for wound healing and scar tissue. My incision healed perfect and in a very short time frame. This is incredible considering that I am an insulin dependent diabetic. To anyone having any type of major surgery I would strongly recommend pre and post surgery acupuncture treatments.

– Michael Vorhies

A unique style of acupuncture, but more noteworthy is Shaun Dumas’ keen abilities to hone in on accurate and precise points. My first treatment with Shaun made me realize that there are striking differences in acupuncturist styles arid treatments. Her style is unique in that she goes directly to the cause and then takes the treatment to another level with her intention. I felt the impact of her treatment immediately. I left amazed, knowing that I found a gifted healer.

– Diane Sarra

I first met Shaun Dumas at a networking luncheon and listened to her speak with such confidence and knowledge that I was excited to try Acupuncture for the first time. I am a diabetic … diagnosed 30+ years ago … and am suffering from complications of the disease. I first came to Shaun to treat the neuropathy in my legs. The results were amazing … the burning subsided and my circulation was much improved. The physical improvements were enough but I got the bonus of a spiritual and peaceful feeling every time I left the office. Her knowledge of nutrition and herbs is superb. Shaun has put me in a healthier place both physically and mentally.

– Sue Holmes

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