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Weight Loss

Safe and Effective Weight Loss

“I can’t remember a time when I haven’t struggled with being overweight.”

Is this you?
Do you have trouble losing weight?
Have you tried every diet out there with no success or gained all the weight back and maybe even more?
Weight loss is not a cookie cutter thing. There are many reasons you aren’t able to lose weight. That is why we developed the our Wellness Weight Loss Program.
Why is this weight loss program different?

We have done years of research on weight loss and realized there isn’t just one reason a person can’t lose weight. There are multiple reasons such as toxins, hormonal imbalances, vitamin and mineral imbalances and low metabolism.

Here are some of the actual results we have had … and they keep it off!

Female, A.V. – 32 pounds
Male, P.S. – 30 pounds
Female, S.S. – 18 pounds
Female, S.D. – 19 pounds
Female, D.S. – 18 pounds

Our 4 week physician supervised program will:

• Eliminate toxins
• Balance hormones
• Reset the hypothalamus gland
• Eliminate hunger and cravings
• Introduce healthy lifestyle changes

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